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« : ¹ 19, 2017, 11:47:18 AM »

The AFC Champions League in 2017 is heading towards the second half of the group stage. It is Australia's A League Brisbane lair. It is not about the sexuality that ranks fourth in Group E with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses. The sponsors in their uniforms can give many suggestions to the K-League.
͹ ACL2017 ͺ觡觷ҧѧ ູ ҡѹѺش¡ E ª 1 1 2 Ѻ ѹͧͧʻ͹Դ˹͡ҧҡ͡ҧѺմ

Brisbane, which has entered the group stage through the Champions League play-offs, has an ad in front of uniforms in Chinese characters. It is the Chinese notation of Malta, 'ears and others (Maita, Malta)'. In the A league, the main sponsor of Brisbane's uniform is the Steadfast group, a local finance company.
ູҹͺͿҹʻ͹Դ˹͡ ACL Ҩչ "ŵ" 㹢зʻ͹Դ˹͡աͧ Steadfast Group 繺ѷ Finance ͧ

Malta. Hanja, what kind of sponsor is it?
ŵ ѹʻ͹áѹ?

Thanks: ٺʴ

It was a Chinese company called 'Shanghai Overseas Chinese Exit-Entry Service Co. Ltd,'. Established in 1986 based in Shanghai, it provides consulting and administrative services for those preparing to immigrate from China. Malta is an immigrant product that the company focuses most of this year.
On February 8th, Brisbane first came out with this sponsor in uniform. Unfortunately, that day was a playoff game against the Chinese Super League heavyweights Shanghai Shenhua with Shanghai. Carlos Tevez, the world's best salary (about 45 billion won), and Gus Fojung, such as a famous director, this game attracted not only China, but also attracted international attention.
ѷҹ "Shanghai Overseas Chinese Exit-Entry Service Co.,Ltd." ͵駷§ͻ 1986 ӻ֡ԡԹͧѺչͧ͡仹͡ 㹻չҧѷ价觤չ͡价ŵ(û)
08/02/60 ູͷʻ͹ѹáǡѧԭѹͷ § ACL2017 play off §´ չѡз˹ᾧشҧ ຫ ʵ µ ʹյҵء ¡ʹ駨ҡչйҹҪҵ

Brisbane, however, had a well-organized organization and advanced to the group stage with a 2-0 victory over Hong Kong Stadium. The victory in this match focused on the 'Shanghai Overseas Chinese Individual Immigration Service', which was a big publicity effect. The Brisbane club introduced a new sponsor two days before the game with an official press release. "I am excited to welcome a new sponsor and welcome a China-based partner," said Mark Kingsman. Brisbane has once signed on as a sponsor of the Champions League in 2017, but said he will try to make a long-term partnership. The fact that Brisbane has attracted Chinese companies with the participation of the international convention means that the chance to win the Champions League can only be a new focus away from winning and losing. The club has opened a new way to business. There is a great deal of suggestion in the K league that the issue of financing recently is an important issue. It is also remarkable that the company has pursued a realistic niche market. Australia is a new market for Chinese (migrant Chinese). Currently, there are 8600,000 Chinese in Australia, which is the fastest rate of 4% of all Chinese. There is talk that the Australian real estate industry has recently turned to Chinese investment. Brisbane took notice of this and was able to attract Chinese companies.
ູҧкмҹͺ觡¡ê 2-0 㹺ҹͧ ʻ͹ҧ awareness ҧҡ press release ͧʻ͹¹ͧѹ͹觹 ԧ ູͧٴ "͵͹Ѻʻ͹оѹԵèҡչ" 觺ູ繵Ѻ ACL2017 ͡ҡ繾ѹԵáѹ ʷູö֧ʻ͹ҧҵз͹Ҷ֧ա ʻ͹ͧҷҴ੾ ҧʹ¡;¾ͧչ йդչ 8.6 蹤ѵҡ٧ش ѷѧͧҹѡŧعչ ҷູͧ繻ª

The K-League has also been trying to secure overseas sponsorship for the last two or three years through the Champions League. However, they failed to tackle the overly big name companies such as Alibaba, Xiaomi (China) and Emirates Airlines (UAE). The companies feel less need to expose themselves to the Champions League through Korean soccer teams. Rather, it can be realized if you knock a company that has a real demand like Brisbane.
աͧʻ͹ҧҵҵʹ㹪ǧ 2-3 ACL ö֧ big name ҧ Alibaba Emirates Airline кѷҹͧҨǷ ACL ҹա繻ª 觵çѺູҤѹԵ÷ŧ(ͧú͡ҷաͧʻ͹˭ ͧ niche)

Source ѧ Google Translate
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ͧ FC

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LOSO ҧ ù

"ا˹ ˹ѧͤҤ"
ҹ˹ѧ͹Ź ·˹ѧ ҹ¡ Ѿ˹ѧ ءѹ ..
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ش SCG ҹT&T

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