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Praised the president of the Saudi Football Federation, Dr. Adel Ezzat initiative of Saudi Telecom Company "STC" for guaranteed transfer links Saudi clubs to Bangkok to support the Saudi national team match against Thailand in the final qualifier for the World Cup in Russia in 2018, he said: "We used to from our strategic partner STC support the" Green "in all events and circumstances, and are guaranteed to bring links Saudi clubs to Bangkok will be a big plus direct support for" hawks vegetables ", and the STC this initiative is not surprising never they are always proactive and have multiple positions and a strong presence in all national events."
͡ ͫѷ ¡Ҥصū է繼 Saudi Telecom Company STC ʹѺʹعԹҧͧΌūϨҡõҧҵ㹡͡Ѻ㹤Ѵš ҹ¡ϡ "͡Ѻ STC 㹡˹عѧҵ㹷ءʶҹóСѹҨоΌŨҡõҧͧ繡ѧӤѭͧ

It has already been initiated "STC" transfer links in green match with Japan in Tokyo and was able to heads of links clubs with the participating members have registered a strong presence and interaction is evident in the stands, and the list includes atthe Almorka (unit) and Saleh Al-Qarni (Union) and the Badr Turkistani and Saud Barqawi (Ahli) The Sultan Alhakoa (victory) and Mohammed Afifi (Crescent) and Salem Marzouki (the eastern side).
STC ʹѺʹعԹҧͧΌëع͹ ªΌŨҡѧ仹 .......

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